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Meet Brooke, your doula

My name is Brooke Volpe.  I am a momma to two wonderful children, a partner to my greatest supporter, and best, part of a family of great love.  They are the backbone to my birth work and drive, my own circle of support, through all of life’s transitions.  

I am passionate about living a healthy life, eating well, staying active and outdoors, and living a life of less toxins while seeking alternatives in a world of many choices.     

As a family, we enjoy snowboarding, camping, traveling, exploring new places and spending time with our family and friends.  We are a Waldorf-inspired family and embrace many of the principles into our family, lives and in turn my work.  


A path to birth work

My path to birth work really started with my first (secondary) degree in education.  I was ambitious in the teaching world, eager to learn and give, but to my surprise, the system didn’t work like I did.  

So, lucky for me, my path quickly turned down a road I hadn’t imagined.  Quickly I started dreaming of applying my studies in an out-of-the-box way, somewhere I had more creativity and freedom.  I landed in the non-profit world where I poured my soul into an adapted physical activity and aquatics program for individuals with special needs/disabilities at the YMCA of Bucks County –  Doylestown.  This place I definitely owe a shout out to.  Not only did they support a community I was so passionate about, they taught me so much about being an effective leader and managing a business which I most appreciate now.  

A flame was lit, working in a field of making a difference, fighting for the “underdogs”, advocating for what I believed in and what was right, deserved and desperately needed while changing what we perceived as “normal”.

During my time at the Y, I got married to my partner and I became pregnant with our first babe in 2013. I always knew I wanted something different for my birth, I dreamt about having a baby in water and before long, started picking up the books to do the work to get the birth I yearned for.  Gentle Birth Choices by Barbara Harper really shaped what I would set out for, for my birth.    

I realized I didn’t know much about my body in pregnancy and labor so I dedicated my third trimester to Hypnobirthing®  which was an amazing tool.  Through my pregnancies, I learned how to cope with the sensations of labor and birth and how amazingly helpful hydrotherapy was!  I knew I couldn’t just show up for birth, I had to work hard for what I wanted and I did a lot of reading and preparation.   I also knew our area yields some of the scariest, highest cesarean rates and I didn’t want to get pressured into one unless it was medically necessary.  I selected a provider who listened and supported, a birthing location that did the same and recognized birth as a normal process rather than dis-ease.  

A doula was born

From careers of advocating, educating, to my own birth journey, a door opened for me.  My midwife who turned into my wonderful mentor said this work is a calling, one you cannot ignore.  I was called to this work.   She was so right. The door opened and I ran through it with excitement.   So here I am, ready, willing and experienced to support you and your partner for your own birth, even if your birth looks totally different than mine.  Your birth, your body, your baby.

Here to support your birth

I have been supporting births since 2016 in all birth settings:  home births, hospital births and birth center births.  Feel free to read the testimonials from my amazing clients who have spent time sharing their birth experience with a doula (me) to help you understand from an insiders perspective what birth is like with continuous, non-judgmental support.  I know looking for a doula can be time consuming, but similar to finding your prenatal care provider, it is important to search for a doula, the one who will be  by your side who shares the same vision of birth as you do, someone who can hold your space for you, someone who will help create, capture and support this unique journey to parenthood with you.  

My experience changes weekly with each birth.  I learn something new at every birth and approach each birth as a unique experience since each  pregnancy, each body, each baby is unique.  

In my years of experience, I have happily supported VBACs, HBACs, LGBTQ families, high risk pregnancies, surgical and cesarean births, non-medicated vaginal deliveries, medicated/epidural  vaginal deliveries, water births, and more.  

If you are looking for care or need resources to help you prepare for your upcoming birth, please be sure to peak at my resource page.


  • B.S. Health and Physical Education K-12 certified West Chester University of PA
  • Minor: Adapted Physical Activities and Aquatics for individuals with disabilities 

Birth-related training, certifications and continuing education

  • Listen First – Active Listening Training (2012)
  • HypnoBirthing for Parents with Leslie-Tanner Moore (2013)
  • DONA International: Level 1 Birth Doula Training with Debra Pascali-Bonero (2016)
  • DONA International: Introduction to Childbirth with Debra Pascali-Bonero (2016)
  • American Red Cross: First Aid Certified (renewed 2017)
  • American Red Cross: CPR/AED Certified (renewed 2017)
  • Rebozo Certified  (2016)
  • Breastfeeding Workshop (2013 & 2017)
  • Creating Space: Pelvic Bodywork, Fetal Positioning, and the Use of the Rebozo (2017)
  • Using the TENS in Labor with Penny Bussell-Stansfield (2018)
  • Certified Birth Doula: DONA International 
  • Trained Childbirth Educator:  CAPPA (2018)
  • Creating Space:  Pelvic Bodywork and Biomechanics in Labor, Fetal Positioning (2019)