Sex and Birth and Your Homework

March 20, 2017 Brooke Volpe, Doula and Childbirth Educator 1 comment

Our Doula gave us the “talk”

Today I met with a beautiful couple – two people who have created life together, expecting their first born and quite the surprise this little one was.  Surprise but a happily welcomed surprise.  This mom is beaming with excitement and dad in awe of her dedication to her birth.

As we get to know each other, we lead into the conversation about hormones and how they are released during birth.  The same hormones we need for birth are the same hormones we need to orgasm.  (the faces change, body language opens up).  What?

Sex and Birth are the Same

Think about it.  All the same parts are involved, right?  Penises included because semen has the other combination we need to produce a baby but it also has prostaglandins in it to soften the cervix.       Dads your job is never to just create the baby and you have a role in labor.  YAY!  The same hormones have to flow.  Your mind cannot be thinking of anything else for you to be able to release and relax (a word I won’t use at birth), AND sex and birth cannot be interrupted.  Watch this video to see what would happen.

Homework – the only time you can say my name during sex

It’s not uncommon that I assign homework.  If you haven’t read my bio, I will tell you I am a teacher by degree and training.

“Prostaglandins” he says to his wife holding up his email titled “Homework before labor”, Brooke told us it’s good for the baby and your body.”  The only time a couple should say my name during sex.

Orgasm will also help so for those without access to male reproductive organs, you are able to have intimacy to aid in helping labor along.  Make it fun homework, there is so much purpose and a woman’s body pregnant is gorgeous.

This work is real – quality, the raw  truth, stuff you won’t always get from your provider or friends.  Let’s leave the Hollywood horror story births in the past – changing the way we view birth one birth at a time.

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