Connected Childbirth Education Classes

comprehensive childbirth classes for those seeking
an empowered birth, one full of options and support

Day 1
History of birth
Influences surrounding birth
Prenatal Care Providers/Options
Birth Location Options
Researching Birth Location
Communication with Birth team

Day 2
Pregnancy A & P
Health:  Nutrition, Exercise 
Body Changes 
Creating your Safe Space
Breathing Techniques  
Hormones in Pregnancy + Labor
Creating your birth space 

Day 3
Fear Release 
Stages + Phases of Labor
The Biomechanics of the Pelvis
Sensations of Birth 
Comfort Measures
Evidence-based practices
Birth Wishes

Day 4 
Bringing Baby Earthside
Immediate Postpartum
Newborn Procedures 
Newborn Care
Postpartum Adjustment