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COVID-19 Policy

As we navigate these uncertain times, living amongst a pandemic, I am so grateful that I can still show up for you in this work. I am so glad we know ways to protect ourselves and to have a safe, healthy pregnancy. Some things are essential for us all to implement to ensure we all stay healthy.

To continue to care for you, others who are expecting, and their partners and newborns, together, we all must commit to limiting our exposure. Therefore, it is important to me to continue to practice safely, and I appreciate your help in doing so.

To work together, you must do the same as we will be sharing space, and I will be coming into your home. While it may feel nonessential for some because they don’t fall into the category of high risk, that is not the case for everyone in the community I share space with.

Communication and transparency are essential. So if you feel you have increased exposure, please communicate that with me, and we can plan accordingly.

Masks:  I will continue to wear masks at our prenatal appointments.

As of July 2021, it is clear that vaccines do not provide anyone full immunity from COVID-19, nor does it guarantee that folks vaccinated can’t spread COVID-19.  With that being said, I do not care to know ANY person’s vaccine status. It is confidential and irrelevant to my support.

With that, I will continue to wear a mask at prenatal appointments, labor, birth, and postpartum support which I feel is the best thing for me to protect my clients, babies and my family and friends.  No one is required to wear a mask and can do what they feel comfortable doing.  

Please note, I cannot attend a birth with anyone who is actively sick or who has been ill in the last two weeks.

If you have questions about this policy or are unclear on anything stated above, please ask! I am all for clear and open communication.

Stay well!

Brooke Volpe