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Student Midwife at
Rising Moon Midwifery (Chester Springs)
and Abhaile Birth & Community (Perkasie)

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COVID-19 Policy

As of February 2022, we have been through three variants in a two-year span.  We have been offered ways to protect ourselves, through mask-wearing and pharmaceuticals.
Personal choice and freedom I highly value, it is the heart of my work and what I offer in support during your journey and our time together.

I do not need to know your status in this arena, it doesn’t affect how I support you.  I expect the same from my clients, otherwise, we are not a good match.

I respect personal choices and therefore do not mandate anyone wear a mask.  
I will wear a mask at prenatal appointments, labor, birth, and postpartum support as necessary or when requested especially in times of high transmission.  

I cannot provide support for anyone who is actively sick, with symptoms of COVID, or who has been exposed to someone with COVID.  Virtual support would be offered.

If you have questions about this policy or are unclear on anything stated above, please ask!
I am all for clear and open communication.

Stay well!
Brooke Volpe