Evidence Based Birth® Classes

Your mentor, Brooke Evidence Based Birth® Instructor

Welcome! I’m so glad you found me.
Like you, I was dreaming of a way to make my birth memorable and powerful. I wanted an experience where I felt in control with a menu of choices. It certainly wasn’t hard to dream up, but certainly hard to find in the world of “standard procedures”. With sound resources, I was able to have TWO amazing birth experiences with my midwife, doula, and partner by my side. Everyone knew what to do, prepared, and positive, ready to support me. It’s easy to hand our births, our bodies, over to our providers, and hope for the best outcomes, but we know that’s too risky! Rather, understand your choices, choose the right birth provider and birth location, choose your birth team, create your birth preferences, and let me be your mentor to help you along in your journey.

Brooke's class was one of the best decisions we made during our pregnancy journey. She is a clear communicator and consummate professional, and she made sure to balance the needs of the different couples in the group and covered all birthing topics in a comprehensive and informative way. Brooke created an open and affirming environment and made sure to use inclusive language and terminology, which helped my wife and I feel equally supported during her class. She is an engaging teacher and used a wide variety of teaching styles. Learning techniques and actually getting to practice them was one of the best parts of class. I also loved hearing her personal stories and experiences. It allowed me to begin to imagine what I wanted my birth story to be like, even though this was a brand new experience for me. Even a year after taking her class, I get teared up remembering how empowered Brooke made me feel. I can still hear her voice in my head during moments of parenting panic. Calm, cool, collected, and kind. This class and Brooke's expertise are worth every penny. You won't regret it. I certainly don't.
Rachel + Nora
Yardley, PA
If you found Brooke on your journey, you are so lucky. She is passionate about birth and compassionate of your choices. She will support you and seek to understand you and join with you as you go through one of the most transformative experiences in your life. Brooke's class was such an anchor and a common ground for my husband and me to learn together, discuss our options, and ultimately feel heard and informed. After taking the class you have the information you need to make the choices you want and you truly understand why providers are advocating for certain interventions and you learn how to respond. Brooke is not only a doula with over experience in supporting over 100 births, but she has a background in health Sciences education, she is an Evidence Based Birth educator, a certified birth geek, and the kindest and fiercest people you could have on your side.
Sofija + Emilijan
Furlong, PA