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Pure Haven

I am excited to introduce this slice of heaven that I discovered shortly after my first baby was born.

Like most, I was well stocked after my baby shower with all the essentials. I washed all the baby clothes in the “pediatrician recommended” brand of detergent that smelled powdery fresh and prepared the nursery for our newest babe. Bliss!

Shortly after our son was born, we started to discover re-occurring diaper rashes and skin irritation, causing discomfort in our sweet baby. We began to investigate what was going on and quickly learned this irritation was caused by chemicals in his diapers (lesson learned, don’t buy stock in diapers) and the detergent we were using.

After digging more, I was most upset to learn that there are NO federal regulations that prohibit the use of these toxins in our products, even BABY products, and felt awful that my poor baby was exposed even after our greatest attempts at buying store products labeled “natural” and “safe” (aka greenwashing).

Want to learn about your current products and how they rank in safety? There is a fantastic tool that we found to help us decode ingredients. Check it out here!

Solace Birth Services

Protecting you and your newest little one from harsh chemicals.

I reached out to a friend and birth client and discovered Pure Haven, and the rest is history. It’s the only product I have found that BEST protects not just my babies but our whole family, our house, and our pets. Knowing what we eat is essential to our overall health; remember that our skin is our largest organ. What you put on it, you ingest too!

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Safe personal care products – No chemicals, all safe ingredients – 100% free of toxins, guaranteed!

Non-toxic care products for baby + kids, skincare, home care, and pets.

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