Rebozos for Labor and Birth Support

May 17, 2018 Brooke Volpe, Doula and Childbirth Educator No comments exist

birth doula using rebozo for labor and birth support

If you have had a prenatal appointment with me, sorry, you are hearing this again but who doesn’t love a good story twice?

Reader, meet rebozo (pronounced RE-BOSE-O)

My Rebozos have been to every birth with me, my sidekicks, my right-hand ladies or as you have heard me call them, my Go-Go Gadget Arms (oh, I hope you are old enough to know what that is).
I’ve spent a lot of time understanding the rebozo, from its roots to honor the culture behind it and it’s many purposes including labor & birth support. Here is a great little clip on the culture behind the rebozo and who better to hear it from then my trainer and rebozo guru Gena Kirby herself.

*I am a big supporter of evidence-based research and found this wonderful video/article from Evidence-Based Birth re:  Rebozos for Pain Relief.

Rebozo the great vibrator, space-maker and uniter

As a doula, I can tell you how we as birth workers have adopted the rebozo for birth support.
For us, the rebozo is a tool for creating connection, comfort and support.

Some techniques I use with my rebozo which have I been properly trained to do include:

  • belly sifting which provides gentle movement/vibrations to mom and baby, helpful when babies need a different space or position
  • open chest-knee position helping increase space high in the pelvis
  • shaking the apple trees to help provide asymmetrical hips while releasing tension in the
    mother’s lower half so she can release and open
  • tug-of-war for mamas who elect to have an epidural during labor to simulate walking
  • double hip squeeze and counter pressure to relieve lower back discomfort during labor and to provide non-pain input
  • fort-making for mama and her partner, to close out the world around them which can seem very busy sometimes in the hospital setting, bringing her back to her body
  • tug-of-war for second stage of labor/pushing

Rebozos holding energy to support

My favorite part of the story about MY rebozos is that they have been to every birth, they have been wrapped around each laboring mama, sometimes for hours, soaking up each minute of her journey. After each birth, I bring home my rebozos and gently wash them. What doesn’t wash out is the energy and love they carry from each birth. Then, that same rebozo gets to go with me to another birthing mama, wrap her not only with beautiful colors and fabric, but love from those who have done this before.

As your doula I will always remind you, you are never alone in labor/birth – think about the amazing women who are moving their baby’s earthside the same time as you and those who have done it before you? Imagine having that energy wrapped around you.

PS. All the rebozos I purchase are hand-woven, ethically made from Mexico. Please do not buy them from Amazon! If you want your own, I can help you purchase them.


rebozo certified and trained

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