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What is the cost of home birth?
The cost of care in 2024 is $7,400.
There is a $500 deposit due upon entering care, before your first appointment.
There are multiple payment plans available to choose from, that work with most budgets.

Do you accept insurance?
No, insurance is not accepted for care.
Insurance CAN be used for labs and ultrasounds.  I would suggest checking with your insurance company and see what they offer as far as out-of-network provider reimbursement.

If you are in the market to change insurance and it fits your values, I would recommend discovering a healthcare share plan such as Samaritan and Christian Ministries and Zion Health Share.
Additionally, I will produce a receipt at your 6-week postpartum appointment that you can submit.  I would recommend having the help of a professional biller for your best chances for reimbursement (and to remove it from your plate).

Are there any extra fees besides the cost of care?  
Yes.  There is a birth kit you will need to purchase ranging from $100-150 depending on what extra supplies you may need (extras for a water birth).
There are additional supplies you will need to have that you can likely find in your household supplies.

The cost for care does not include labs or ultrasounds, doula care, or lactation support beyond the first couple of days postpartum.  Please check with your insurance company on coverage for these services.

What if I can’t afford a home birth?
Please do not let finances be the reason you don’t move forward with a home birth.
Most people find a way to make it work.  Planning before pregnancy is best, allocating $ each week to a fund.  Also, if you are having a baby shower, sprinkle, blessing way, etc. ask your guests to contribute funds vs. gifts and hit up your closest consignment shop for your newborn needs.  Babies need SO little yet our consumerism world tells us they need everything from the store.

Can I transfer in from another care provider?
Yes, you can!  If you are unhappy in your care and your values align with midwifery care AND your risk assessment shows you are a candidate for an out-of-hospital birth, then it’s an option!  Once we have agreed to work together, you can have your current provider transfer over your records and we will pick up from there.  If you have risk factors that don’t fit with home birth but you would like to have midwifery care, we can discuss co-care with your current provider.

Do you bring medication to births?
Yes!  It is always our goal to use the least invasive and most natural remedies first.  Herbals are always given to support a woman and her body before pharmaceuticals.  Bleeding is one area that isn’t worth messing around.  Once blood leaves your body, it can’t quickly be put back and when one loses a lot of blood, it causes side effects that can make bonding with your baby very difficult.  We can discuss in person what that looks like but know that we carry a multitude of remedies and pharmaceuticals for emergency situations.

Do you train in resuscitation?
Yes!  I and the midwife who attends with me are both trained in adult and infant resuscitation and carry resuscitation equipment to ensure everyone is safe.

What if there is an emergency?
If there is a situation out of our scope or that requires more hands and additional skills, we summon EMS and/or transfer to the hospital.  This is NOT homebirth at all costs, this is midwifery care with the intention of having a homebirth

Do you bring support with you?  What is their skill set?
Yes!  I have at least one support person with me at your birth.  My right-hand woman is also a midwife so you get a two midwife team in most cases.  If we are both called to births, my second assistant is a midwifery student who has experience attending home births with me.