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Midwifery Care

Supportive, individualized care in pregnancy, birth and postpartum

A sacred entry into parenthood

Everyone deserves a pregnancy and birth full of support and guidance from a loving midwife.  Imagine a world where every woman (and her partner) enters parenthood that involves autonomy, informed decision-making, and TRUST.

Home birth is a viable, safe option for those who are low-risk and healthy and are committed to doing the work to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Pregnancy is unique to each woman and baby and can yield common discomforts.  Our approach is to lend recommendations starting with the least invasive and most gentle approach, including herbals, tinctures,  bodywork, nutrition, and more.

The care model offered at Solace Birth Services, LLC  involves care for the mother/baby unit from a two-midwife care team.  We have preferred providers on hand, including amazing home birth doulas,  an IBCLC for antenatal and postpartum support for successful breastfeeding, bodywork to optimize comfort in pregnancy and alignment to optimize a vaginal birth through chiropractic care from a Webster-certified practitioner, childbirth education specific for home birth, and a hefty resource guide for more.

What we are not:   Traditional midwifery is not nurse-midwifery. We do not have prescriptive authority, affiliation, or privileges to any hospital.  Please be sure to understand the scope of traditional midwives in Pennsylvania.
*each practitioner has their own service fee* 

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Prenatal Care

Care starts with a discovery call to see if we are a good match.  We will also offer a risk assessment to be sure midwifery care and out-of-hospital birth are the best options for those inquiring.

Prenatal Care (office in Perkasie)
Initial Appointment (1 hour)
Prenatal Appointments (40 min)
–  every 4 weeks until 28 weeks
–  every 2 weeks until 36 weeks
–  home visit at 36/37 weeks
–  every 1 week until birth

Labs/Blood Draws (done in the office)
–  10 -week initial appointment
– 28-week appointment (glucose screening)

Ultrasounds (referral provided)
– as needed but available for those who would like them
–  recommended for care for those who have a history of uterine surgery

Post Dates Testing (referral provided)
–  NST/BPP available

Postpartum Care
–  36-48 hrs post birth/metabolic screening
–  5 days post birth (in-home)
–  2 weeks post-birth check-in (virtual)
–  3-4 weeks post birth (in office) hearing screen for newborn
–  6 weeks post birth (in office)
**Postpartum care can vary based on additional provider appt schedule**

Still have questions?  Check our FAQs for answers!